How will SHEP use Personal Data of course participants?

SHEP asks only for the minimum information from course applicants, sufficient enough to process applications and course participations. You have rights in relation to your own personal information used by SHEP, including the right to object to processing and the right of access to your own personal information. We genuinely encourage you, if you have any queries or concerns about how your personal data will be used or stored, to talk with SHEP training staff on 021 4666180 or email us at SHEPs purposes for gathering information are:

  • To contact you about your application
  • To follow up with you after the application is received and administer your application as required
  • To manage course processes (including commencement, completion, progressions, course payments where relevant, course evaluations and project statistical reporting)
  • To maintain your participant training record (including personal & course details)
  • To share information with course facilitators, organisations involved collaboratively in courses, or where there is a fee funding support being sought. Only necessary information is shared and SHEP will be transparent with you.
  • Where information is to be disclosed beyond the purpose above, specific additional consent will be sought from you.

Participant information is stored on a secure, protected cloud based and in-house specialised training and education database. Hard copy information is stored in secured cabinets. Information is only accessed for the above purposes and only accessed by authorised SHEP training, administration and accounts staff.

As an applicant for one of SHEPs courses, we ask that you read and understand the above data protection statement and application form carefully. On this application form we need you to confirm:

  1. That you have read, understood and give consent to how SHEP will store, use and access the personal information you provide.
  2. Indicate if you wish to be joined onto our Mailing List to receive information about Project news and future programmes you may have interest in.

We are committed to ensuring that any information we collect is handled in accordance with the principles set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and the Data Protection Acts 1988 to 2018. SHEPs detailed Data Protection Policy and time scales for retention of information is available at