Effective Communication

There are times when you wish you’d said no before committing to something you ended up resenting. Wouldn’t it be a relief to be able to really talk about what matters to the people in your life that you care about but you’re not sure of how to go about it. Why is it so difficult to take back that pair of shoes that lost a heel the first time you wore them? You’d like to explore what’s holding you back from saying what you need to say and look at ways of empowering yourself.

This course encourages an attitude of mutual respect in which the needs and wishes of other people and of ourselves can be taken into account. Learning how to respect ourselves helps us to listen to what other people are saying and we can work towards a win-win situation together.


Topics will be explored in a personal way so that people can become more aware of how they deal with feelings and communicate with others. The following topics may be covered:

  • The difference between assertive communication and aggressive, passive and manipulative types of communication
  • Recognising our own patterns in communicating
  • Identifying strengths and building on them
  • Asking for what we want
  • Body language and other non-verbal communication
  • The importance of feelings
  • Saying No when we need to
  • Handling criticism
  • Our internal critic
  • Practicing communication skills

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