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(2017) Examination of Quality in a Community Family Communication Course

A case study on improving practice has been published in the The Adult Learner 2017 by Eimer Cadogan, Mary Mangan and Liam McCarthy.

Adult education is under-researched and when quality is researched it is based on summative assessment, having implications for both policy and practice. Courses which deal with parenting often measure progress in this manner, missing out on the experience of learners. The present study uses conventional content analysis to examine the positive experiences of participant  as an indicator of quality. The principal finding of this study was that the group process was critical to the learning, and that being listened to was the main benefit noted by participants, though this is not often used as a signifier of quality.
Inspiration in Education – Cork’s Pioneering Model of Learner-led Community Education 

In 2014, propelled by concerns held by member groups of the City Centre Network that Community Education in Cork City was facing threats, work was done to compile literature and submissions that evidenced the benefits of community based adult education, particularly the BTEI, Partnership and Adult Literacy and Community Education (ALCE) streams. A Working Paper was prepared by the Cork City-Centre/Citywide Community Education Network based on submissions received from member groups of the Cork City Centre/Citywide Community Education Network (The Social Health Education Project; The Lantern Community Project; The Good Shepherd Services; The Basement Resource Centre; Altrusa; Welcome English; Cork Simon Community).

Working Paper prepared by Citywide Education Network (20th June 2015)

Presentation made at AONTAS Policy Platform Event in Dublin as part of International Women’s Day 8th March 2019

Community Education Presentation Aontas

Gruntvig Learning Partnership

We are pleased to present here the main output for sharing and dissemination from our participation in the PEP European Learning Partnerhsip over 2014-2015:

PEP Manual -Empowering Processes for Older People in their Care Settings