SHEP Nuacht Archive

SHEP Nuacht is an internal newsletter for all in the SHEP community, including SHEP’s learners, project participants and many friends. The first edition was in June 2009 and we issue the newsletter twice per year. We hope you enjoy reading it.

In order to minimise administration costs, SHEP Nuacht is distributed electronically and is also posted to our website. If you would like to receive a copy of SHEP Nuacht by email please contact us.

Please see a selection of the most recent Nuacht’s, click on an image to access each document:-

Nuacht 56. May 2024

Nuacht 55. April 2024

Nuacht 54. March 2024

Nuacht 53. September 2023

Nuacht 52. February 2023

Nuacht 51. October 2022

Nuacht 50. May 2022

Nuacht 49. February 2022

Nuacht 48. October 2021

Nuacht 47. April 2021

Nuacht 46. January 2021