Seasons for Growth; Living with Grief, Loss and Change

Your sense of loss could be associated with losing your job, a relationship break-up, family moving to another part of the world or perhaps loss of good health. You may be recently bereaved or still feeling acutely the loss of a loved one after all these years.

Whatever your loss, you want the opportunity to look at it, maybe talk about it to others who would have an idea of what youre going through and you’d like to come to an easier way of being with it in the context of your life now.

This course is for people experiencing loss and change, whatever the cause. Its a safe place to explore the issues involved and how they can affect lives. Loss is explored using the seasons as a metaphor for the stages which people go through as they grieve their losses.

Key beliefs underpinning this course:

  • Loss and grief are a normal and valuable part of life
  • Many different losses occur in everyones lifetime
  • People need to be provided with an opportunity to look at how loss and grief have impacted on their live
  • We learn through knowledge, skills and attitudes to understand and manage our grief experiences
  • The key to supporting others (e.g. family members) is to be ‘at home with ones own loss experiences
  • Learning about loss and grief can, in itself, be quite liberating
  • As adults we best learn through experience
  • Participating in a group with other caring people can normalise one’s own experiences
  • Sharing of stories allows us to connect with one another in ways that build understanding and decrease isolation

NB Where feasible this course includes a follow up session one month after the course finishes, providing participants with the opportunity to address any personal challenges that have emerged following the finish of the course.

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