SHEP offers a Reduced fee/Funded place for some courses

SHEP recognises that for some people, the course fee, even though it is a subsidised fee, may still be prohibitive.  To make our courses accessible we offer a reduced fee on some SHEP courses offered in Cork, Kerry and Limerick. Such reduced fees are funded by the SHEP Bursary Fund (to which people and companies have made donations) – or by funding organisations or state grants, when available. On some occasions, through state funding or other grants, we are able to offer funded places to a small number of people.

If you intend to submit this application, please read our information document ‘Important Information on SHEP Fees, Reduced Fees/ Funded Places & Payment Methods’. -

Eligibility for a Reduced Fee place

You may apply for a reduced fee if you are (i) a social welfare recipient*, or (ii) a full-time student or (iii) if you are experiencing financial hardship.

Eligibility to apply for a Funded Place*

You may only apply to SHEP for the funded place if you are in receipt of one of the following Social Welfare benefits/allowances: 

  • Job Seeker’s Benefit
  • Invalidity Pension
  • Illness Benefit
  • Carer’s Benefit
  • Job Seeker’s Allowance
  • Disability Allowance
  • Farm Assist
  • Blind Person’s Allowance
  • Supplementary Welfare Allowance
  • One Parent Family Payment
  • Carer’s Allowance


(i.e. not State Pension, Guardian’s Payment; Widows/Widower or Surviving Civil Partner’s Pension; Pre-Retirement Allowance).

We cannot guarantee, therefore, that all applicants will be successful.  Reduced fees will be awarded to those who meet the eligibility criteria on a ‘first-come, first–served’ basis. Early applications therefore have an advantage.

Please carefully choose ONLY ONE of the Option A or Option B, in the reduced fee application section. If you need assistance to complete this section please feel free to phone us on (021) 466 6180