SHEP offers customised facilitation or specialised technical support to communities, organisations and groups, subject to resources being available.
The types of support offered have varied, in accordance with the need but generally include:

  • Advice & referral
  • Facilitation
  • Customised training
  • Supervision
  • Organisational development

A large number of groups come to SHEP because of SHEP’s particular experience in the area of providing psycho-therapeutic supports. We are often seen by groups working with vulnerable clients, or groups providing counselling or therapeutic services as an important resource and/or source of support.

SHEP’s commitment to promoting social awareness and community empowerment and our involvement in training of facilitators to work in the community has meant that the project is often regularly requested by community groups, voluntary organisations, networks and other organisations which have no involvement with therapeutic work for training, facilitation and organisational development.

In responding to these needs, we have been able to draw on the extensive expertise and experience of staff members, trainers, tutors and a panel of SHEP-trained organisational development mentors.

Our capacity to respond to requests for this type of support over the next few years will be limited because of our commitment developing other areas of SHEP’s work. When resources permit us to work in this area, we will prioritise supporting groups which have a very clear commitment to social inclusion and which would not otherwise be supported.

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