SHEP Advocacy Project (Previously known as the Cork Advocacy Service).

Our primary focus is on Independent Group Advocacy Facilitation in residential and community settings that serve adults with disabilities including older people in nursing homes and people using mental health services.

This is an area of independent advocacy that has been largely neglected as one to one advocacy support has become more professionalised over the past ten years. We will also continue to support advocacy networks and facilitate advocacy trainings.

This change (from a focus on one to one advocacy support to group advocacy facilitation) reinforces SHEP’s community development ethos and builds capacity for change through experiential learning and participatory group work.

We are currently working on the development and co-facilitation of courses and workshops that focus on all elements of advocacy e.g. self, peer, group and representative advocacy.

We are involved in particular advocacy activities that link us with other individuals, groups and organisations that have a commitment to social justice and human rights e.g. The ‘Our Rights and Medication’ Advocacy Network, the Independent Advocacy Gathering.

As part of our training programme we offer:

  • The ‘Introduction to Advocacy Course’ aimed at people who would like to develop their advocacy skills. This course is SHEP certified.
  • Self-Advocacy Courses
  • Bespoke self-advocacy training and workshops, which we tailor to specific group requests.

For further information please contact: Marge Lysaght, Advocacy Co-ordinator on (021) 4666180 or email or Niamh Kelleher, Advocacy Co-ordinator on 021 4666180 or email

New Introduction to Advocacy Course starting September 11th 2024 – See ‘Advocacy Training’ section below