Our Training Mission Statement

SHEP is a values-led organisation that provides quality education and training, based on experiential approaches and underpinned by humanistic philosophy and theory, to support empowerment and appropriate self-acceptance, to enhance health and well-being and to promote social justice. 

Our Commitments

Our education and training programme is also based on our commitment to:

  • working in empowering ways.
  • promoting inclusiveness and opposing unjust discrimination.
  • facilitating reflective inclusive spaces.
  • working in ways which promote the integrity of the natural environment.
  • being flexible and responsive to emerging needs.

In SHEP you can expect:

  • A caring and supportive atmosphere providing a safe and pleasant place to learn.
  • A quality service which is open and promotes learning for all
  • Friendly and helpful staff, trainers and tutors who will treat you with dignity and respect,
  • Quality facilitation and/or teaching from well-trained and suitably qualified staff, trainers and tutors.
  • Accurate and accessible information about our courses and services.
  • Easy and accessible enrolment procedures.
  • The guaranteed delivery of your course, once the course has commenced.
  • Classes to start and end on time.
  • Notification at the earliest opportunity of any re-scheduling, postponement or cancellation of classes.
  • Learning materials that are relevant and appropriate.
  • Confidentiality, when appropriate, in your dealings with staff, trainers or tutors in accordance with Project policies.
  • That staff, trainers and tutors will respond as quickly as possible to any difficulties you communicate to us.
  • To be kept informed about developments in the project that may affect you.
  • For assessed courses, course work marked and feedback given within four weeks of the agreed date for handing in the assignments.
  • A SHEP Certificate of participation, where attendance is over 80%.

As the learner we expect you to:

  • Treat other learners and trainers with respect, courtesy and consideration.
  • Attend your course as best as possible and at least meet the minimum attendance requirements (80%).
  • Be on time for sessions.
  • Participate as fully as possible in the training.
  • Attend the course sessions whilst not under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Let us know if you are having difficulty with the course.
  • Switch off mobile phones whilst you are in training.
  • Let us know if you are going to be absent.
  • Pay your fees promptly or in accordance with the agreed payment plan.
  • For courses with assignments, complete course work within the agreed timescale.
  • For courses which are assessed, familiarise yourself with assessment regulations and procedures. 
  • Treat equipment, furniture and buildings with care.
  • Give the trainer constructive feedback on your course.
  • Complete any learner surveys we conduct.