Board of Management

The Social and Health Education Project CLG is governed by a Board of Directors and a Management Committee. The Management Committee comprises people from a range of backgrounds including those who have undertaken training with the Project, those who are involved in programme delivery (e.g facilitators, counsellors, advocates) and individuals who are professionally involved in the fields of personal and community education or development.

Management Committee sub-committees

The Management Committee is supported in its work by four sub-committees:

  • Audit Sub-committee
  • Governance Sub-committee
  • Strategic Development (Generative Dialogue) Sub-Committee
  • Human Resources Sub-Committee.

Project Advisory groups:

The Management Committee is also supported in its work by a number of project advisory groups:

  • Mid-West SHEP Advisory Group
  • SHEP Earth Aware Advisory Group
  • International Partnership Advisory Group
  • Training and Development Services Advisory Group
  • Coisceim Low-Cost Counselling Advisory Group
  • Cork Advocacy Service Advisory Group

Governance Documents

SHEP’s policy on governance is set out in CG001 SHEP Governance Policies & Procedures (2017).

Our financial policies are presented in CG002 SHEP Financial Policies & Procedures (2017).

SHEP complies with The Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations in Ireland. A review of our organisations compliance with the principles of the code was conducted in Autumn 2014.