Our Vision

SHEPs vision is of a transformed world: that is compassionate, just and fair; where we cherish ourselves and each other; and where each generation passes on a flourishing world to the next.

The World We Experience

We see and value the human creativity and diversity that has shaped our society.

And we also see

  • a way of relating that sometimes disconnects us from our deeper selves, each other, and the world we live in
  • widespread social and economic injustice
  • subtle and overt discrimination against those perceived as different
  • and an overly consumerist way of life that is destructive to the natural world on which we depend.

Our Mission

In solidarity and partnership with others we seek to foster the well-being of people, families, communities and the wider world and to contribute to building a healthy, loving, socially just and sustainable way of living.

What is important to us

  • A deeper awareness & knowledge of self
  • An ability to listen deeply & to feel compassion
  • A willingness to speak from the heart & to relate with love
  • A concern for climate & social justice & an understanding of structural injustice
  • A commitment to constructive action for a sustainable & socially just world
  • A felt sense of our interconnection with each other & with the whole web of life
  • A commitment to critical reflection, learning & constructive action

We are committed to cultivating in ourselves, and inspiring in others, the ability to be fully present, open and compassionate in the world

How we work

  • We work with individuals, families, groups & organisations
  • We support people, organisations & systems in learning & acting from deepening awareness
  • We work in partnership with other organisations where possible
  • We bring ourselves & our full presence to the work
  • We start with people’s life experience and support them in building on it
  • We use facilitative approaches to help people & groups to take constructive action
  • We use active methods drawing on peoples experience & creative imagination

Building and maintaining supportive, non-judgemental and inclusive relationships is central to our work.