What we do

Art by Fiona Devlin

Our Approach

We work creatively and inclusively with people, communities and systems:

  • deepening the connection with, and knowing of, ourselves & the world we live in
  • inspiring, and bringing about, capacities for positive change & growth (in communities & individuals)
  • contributing to the renewal of the broader social, cultural & economic systems that shape our world

Our Main Areas of Work

  • Adult Education & Training (especially experiential group-work)
  • Community Development Work
  • Therapeutic & Counselling Services
  • Advocacy for Systems & Policy Change

Our Programmes

Reflecting the growth and development of Project over the decades, SHEP now has twelve programmes:

  1. Short Courses (community-based)
  2. Earth Aware
  3. Foundation Programme
  4. On-going Personal Development
  5. Training Facilitators to work in the Community
  6. UCC Diploma in Social & Psychological Health Studies
  7. Professional Development for Practitioners (including Reflective Practice)
  8. Training & Development for Organisations & Communities.
  9. Advocacy with Marginalised People and Communities
  10. Coisceim Low-Cost Counselling
  11. LIB Multicultural Counselling & Outreach
  12. International Learning Partnership (with Sahakarmi in Nepal)